Monday, July 7, 2014

Double Duty Butterfly

Are you ready for another cool way to use our products? Well today I have an idea straight from one of the company co-owners. 

Many of our designs are purposefully made so they can pull double duty on your projects. Personally, I am more apt to stock up on multi-purpose products than I am to buy what I call one-hit wonders, or products that serve only purpose. More bang for the buck, right?

Well guess what? Our butterfly template and embellishment fit that niche perfectly!  Keep reading, and I'll show you why.

Of course the obvious first use is just as the template is labeled - a butterfly. To start, the black was colored on the wings and body with a Sharpie. The remainder of the butterfly was colored with oil pastels. Then the piece was heated, which allowed the color to soak into the wood. 

Now, on to the super cool use of the butterfly. Simply turn the piece over to the back so now what was the front is now the back and what was the top is now the bottom.  And guess what? You now have a really fun fish shape! Ingenious (in my opinion).  The back was colored the same way as the front with a Sharpie and oil pastels.

Of course, this is just using the embellishment.  The template will allow you to create an endless amount of butterflies (or fish) for any type of project.

And don't forget about our Design Team call, which is posted here. We're accepting applications through 07-20-14.

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